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Recruitment Procedures for Confucius Institute Scholarship (2014)

Recruitment Procedures for Confucius Institute Scholarship (2014) 

For  the  purpose  of  supporting  the  development  of  Confucius  Institutes,  facilitating 
international  promotion  of Chinese  language  and  dissemination  of Chinese  culture,  as 
well as cultivating qualified Chinese-language  teachers and excellent Chinese-language 
learners, Confucius  Institute Headquarters/Hanban  (hereinafter  referred  to  as Hanban) 
launches  a  “Confucius  Institute  Scholarship”  program  to  sponsor  foreign  students, 
scholars  and  Chinese  language  teachers  to  study  Chinese  in  relevant  universities  of 
China (hereinafter referred to as “Host Institutes” ). 
1、Category of Scholarship and Eligibility Criteria
The scholarship of 2014 is divided into 5 categories: 
l  Scholarship for Students of Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of 
Other Languages(MTCSOL), 
l  Scholarship for Students of One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL, 
l  Scholarship for Students of Bachelor's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers 
of Other Languages(BTCSOL), 
l  Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Students, 
l  Scholarship for One-Semester Students. 
Applicants  shall  be  non-Chinese  citizens  in  good  health,  aged  between  16  and  35 
(Chinese language teachers in post shall be aged below 45, and applicants for BTCSOL 
scholarship should be aged below 20). 

Scholarship for Students of MTCSOL: The scholarship is oriented at excellent students 
from  Confucius  Institutes  (Classrooms),  overseas  local  Chinese  language  teachers, 
winners  of  the  "Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions  for  Foreign College 
Students  and  for  Foreign  High  School  Students,  excellent  foreign  college  graduates 
majored in Chinese and outstanding performers on HSK exams, to undertake a Master's 
Degree  in Teaching Chinese  to Speakers of Other Languages. The  scholarship winner 
shall begin  the study  in autumn 2014, and  the duration of scholarship  is  two academic 
years. The applicant should have a bachelor degree or  its equivalent, get a score of at 
least 180 on the HSK (level 5) and a score of at least 50 on the HSKK (intermediate level), 
and make a written commitment stating that he/she will be engaged in Chinese language 
teaching for at least 5 years after graduation. The applicant with a specific teaching post 
arranged will be given admission priority (certification by the institution he/she will teach 
for  is  required). Hanban will provide support  for outstanding graduates  to  teach  in  their 
home countries. 

Scholarship  for  Students  of  One-Academic-Year  +  MTCSOL:  The  scholarship  is 
oriented at students from Confucius Institutes in Africa and Latin America regions, who are 
interested in Chinese Language teaching. The applicant shall sign an agreement with the 
Confucius Institute or an institute he/she will teach for. The Applicant is required to have a 
bachelor degree or its equivalent and achieve a score of at least 180 on the HSK (level 3) 
and  a  score  of  at  least  60  on  the  HSKK  (primary  level).  Those  who  pass  the 
first-academic-year assessment and score at least 180 on the HSK (level 5) can proceed 
with  their  study  in China  for  the Master’s Degree  in  Teaching Chinese  to Speakers  of 
Other  Languages.  Hanban  will  support  graduates  to  teach  Chinese  in  their  home 
countries by recruiting them as local teachers, providing wage subsidies, etc.  

Scholarship  for  Students  of BTCSOL:  The  scholarship  is  oriented  at  students  from 
Confucius Institutes in underdeveloped regions in Asia and Africa, who are interested in 
Chinese  Language  teaching.  Scholarship  winners  will  major  in  Teaching  Chinese  to 
Speakers  of  Other  Languages  (or  Chinese  in  the  direction  of  Teaching  Chinese  to 
Speakers  of Other  Languages).  Time  of  enrollment  for  scholarship winners  is  autumn, 
2014,  and  the  duration  is  four  academic  years.  Applicants  should  have  a  high  school 
degree or above, and meanwhile get no less than 180 scores in HSK (level 3) and at least 
40 scores in HSKK (intermediate level). 

Scholarship  for  One-Academic  Year  Students  :  The  scholarship  is  oriented  at 
outstanding  students  of  Confucius  Institutes  (Classrooms),  overseas  local  Chinese 
language teachers, winners of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions for 
Foreign College Students and for Foreign High School Students, excellent foreign college 
students majored in Chinese, outstanding performers on the HSK, and those who intend 
to  become Chinese  teachers.  The  scholarship winner may  choose  to  study  in majors 
including Chinese  Language  and  Literature, Chinese History  and Chinese  Philosophy. 
The time of entrance is autumn 2014 and the grant term is one academic year. Applicants 
should achieve a score of at least 180 on the HSK (level 3) and at least 60 on the HSKK 
(primary level). 

Scholarship  for  One-Semester  Students  :  The  scholarship  is  oriented  at  excellent 
students of Confucius  Institutes  (Classrooms), winners of  the  “Chinese Bridge” Chinese 
Proficiency  Competitions  for  Foreign  College  Students  and  for  Foreign  High  School 
Students, overseas  local Chinese  language  teachers, excellent  foreign college students 
majored in Chinese, and outstanding performers on the HSK. The scholarship winner may 
choose  to study  in majors  including Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History 
and Chinese Philosophy. The  time of entrance  is autumn 2014 or spring 2015 and  the 
grant term is one semester. Applicants should achieve a score of at least 120 on the HSK 
(level 2) and at least 40 on the HSKK (primary level).   4 


For all categories of scholarships, priority will be given to applicants with HSK and HSKK 
scores. Winners of the finals of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions for 
Foreign College Students and  for Foreign High School Students  in China shall arrange 
their applications  in accordance with  the prize specifications. Repetitive applications are 
2、Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

Scholarship winners  are  exempt  from  registration  fees,  tuition,  fees  for  basic  learning 
materials, accommodation fees on campus, and are provided with a one-off resettlement 
subsidy,  monthly  living  allowance,  outpatient  medical  service  and  comprehensive 
insurance for foreign students studying in China. Monthly living allowances are provided 
at the following rates (CNY Yuan per month):  
    a. CNY 1,400 for One-Academic-Year Students and One-Semester Students.  
    b. CNY 1,700 for Master’s Degree Students.  
The one-off  resettlement subsidy  is CNY 1,500  for students who will study  in China  for 
one academic year or more; CNY 1,000 will be provided  for all students who studies  in 
China  for one semester;  the one-off  resettlement subsidy will not be provided  for  those 
who have studied in China for more than half a year before being enrolled. 
3、Recruitment Procedures
From  the  issue date of  the Procedures, applicants can  log on  to  the Confucius  Institute 
Scholarship website at, set up an individual account, read information 
and introduction of host institutes and majors, complete and submit the Confucius Institute 
Scholarship Application Form online. 

Confucius Institutes (independently set-up Confucius Classrooms), overseas Chinese test 
centers, educational and cultural offices  (sections) of Chinese Embassies  (Consulates), 
host  institutes and  institutions of higher education  in  those countries with no Confucius 
Institutes are entrusted by Hanban as the recommending institutions. The recommending 
institutions  shall  examine  the  qualification  and  application materials  of  applicants,  and 
submit the list of recommended applicants to Hanban by May 10th, 2014. 

Host institutes are responsible for reviewing the qualification of applicants and submitting 
the proposed enrollment name list of qualified candidates to Hanban by May 26th, 2014. 

Hanban will organize an expert panel to make the final selection, and publish the name list 
of successful applicants on the Scholarship website by June 16th, 2014. Hanban will also 
inform  the  host  institutes  and  the  recommending  institutions,  and  the  recommending 
institutions will inform the applicants. 

The host institutes will post “Admission Letter”, “Enrollment Instructions”, “Visa Application 
Form  for  Foreigners  to  Study  in China"  (JW202  Form)  and  other  related materials  to 
successful applicants through their recommending institutions by July 1st, 2014. 
4、Application Documents

Applicants  should  log  onto  the  Scholarship  website,  fill  out  the  “Confucius  Institute 
Scholarship Application Form”, and attach the electronic files of the following materials: 
1. Photocopy of passport photo page. 
2.Photocopies of HSK、HSKK score reports. 
3.  Notarized highest education 
diploma attained(scheduled graduation proof or official proof of student status). 
4.Reference  letter and  letter of commitment. The BTCSOL Scholarship applicants should 
submit  pre-admission  notice  issued  by  the  host  institutes  designated  by Hanban.  The 
MTCSOL  Scholarship  applicants  are  required  to  submit  two  reference  letters  from 
professors  or  associate  professors  (in  Chinese  or  English)  and  a  written  commitment 
stating  that  the  applicant will  be  engaged  in Chinese  language  teaching  for  at  least  5 
years  after  graduation  (written  in  Chinese  and  signed).  College  students  majored  in 
Chinese  in  countries with  no Confucius  Institutes  established  shall  submit  a  reference 
letter signed and issued by the university President. 
5.Applicants under the age of 18 shall submit relevant legal documents of entrusted legal guardians in 
6.Winners  of  the  finals  of  the 
“Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions for Foreign College Students and for 
Foreign High School Students in China shall submit the certificate of scholarship. Winners 
of preliminary  rounds of  the  “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitions  in  their 
countries shall submit award proof and a reference letter from the Chinese Embassy (or 
Consulate) in the competition area. 
7.Chinese  language 
teachers shall submit the proof of the length of time in teaching and weekly teaching hours 
provided by institutes they work for. 
8. Those applying for scholarship of One-Academic-Year + MTCSOL are 
required to provide the agreement signed with the Confucius Institute or the institute which 
they will be working for. 
9. Other materials required by host institutes. 
5、 Entrance and Annual Appraisal 
1.The scholarship winners shall register at the host institutes before the deadline 
set by  the  institutes. Scholarships will not be  reserved  for  those who do not  register on 
time without reasonable cause. 
2.Scholarships will be canceled for those 
who cannot pass the health examination. 
3. Students  undertaking  BTCSOL  or  MMTCSOL  (including 
One-Academic-Year  + MTCSOL),  shall  be  subject  to  an  annual  appraisal  after  being 
enrolled  according  to  the  “Annual  Appraisal  Procedures  for  Confucius  Institute 
Scholarship”. Only the eligible students are entitled to continue to receive the scholarships 
in the following year. 

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